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Supporting Entrepreneurs since 2009

Chern & Co helps local and international customers to incorporate and register their businesses in Ireland, UK and offshore jurisdictions for over 13 years. We believe in long-term relationships and support our clients as their businesses grow, maintaining full compliance with statutory requirements. Our experienced team provides  a full spector of services including guidance, consultancy, secretarial, payroll and bookkeeping services, reporting, and address ensuring customer satisfaction and adherence to the international accounting standards.


Our Most Popular Packages 

DIGITAL for Irish Residents



Company registration with a full set of documents sent by email. Protecting our environment. No printing.

PAPER PLUS for Irish Residents



Company registration with a full set of documents sent by email and post, including company seal.

ALL-INCLUSIVE for Irish Residents



Paper Plus company formation pack with RBO filing and Corporation tax registration. Full compliance.

ALL-INCLUSIVE company Registration



Company registration for residents of EEA and EU with all essential steps for fast launch and full compliance.


ALL-INCLUSIVE for Non-Residents



All Inclusive pack with registered office address, company secretary and company director for 1 year.

Need a custom solution? We will create a dedicated package for you.


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Ireland is the No. 1 destination for businesses that want to grow

Operate your business in the most efficient tax system in Europe

9 of the top 10 global tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Dell etc., have registered headquarters in Ireland for a good reason. Many of the Fortune 500 companies have chosen this country over other jurisdictions. Start-ups and SMEs also select Ireland to open their first company after doing their research. You can join the global entrepreneurship community by setting up your new company here too.

Why Ireland:

  • One of the lowest corporation tax rates in Europe – only 12.5%
  • Ireland is ranked as the most efficient tax system in Europe and the 4th in the World by PwC
  • The only English speaking EU country (after Brexit, many UK businesses have relocated to Ireland)
  • No currency controls, no foreign exchange controls (you can transact globally)
  • R&D tax credits, grants and government supports, easy access to banking and financing Average return on investment in Ireland is the 5th highest in Europe
  • Highest in Europe educated population amongst 18-year-olds (access to qualified job seekers)
  • Possibility to get a work permit for yourself and your family (for non-resident business owners)

Are you ready to set up your company?

Your Trusted Company Formation Partner

Why choose Chern & Co.

First-class Support

Speed & Technology

Tailored Solutions

Our mission is to make business registration simple, quick and accessible to entrepreneurs globally. We equip business owners and company directors with the resources they need to meet ongoing statutory obligations by removing complexities and paperwork.

Our attentive support team have years of experience in forming companies and can assist you in every part of the company formation process.

We will asign a dedicated account manager to your company for efficient communication via a preferred communication channel.

Chern & Co team uses cutting-edge automation technology and modern tools to deliver fast service, save time and money, and enhance productivity of our staff and meet customers’ deadlines.

Please make sure to opt in for our newsletter and notification emails so as to not to miss out on important emails about your company’s status or legislation changes that may affect your business.
We will ensure that you will receive automatic reminders and compliance notifications.

Register on client portal to access your company documents, see active services and set up renewals.

Every business is unique.
We specialise in providing serviced that are adapted to specific needs of our customers.

Need something beyond company registration? Customers enjoy working with us because we can find the right solution, necessary resources and external providers to suit dynamic and demanding business requirements.

Choose from an extensive list of services that we offer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us to organise a consultation in person or via a conference call with one of our experts.

Accredited Company Formation Agent

Chern & Co is one of the most accredited company formation agents in Ireland. We have authorisations and can represent our clients in all necessary state bodies for compliance, filing and tax purposes without delegating work to other agents. Other agents, solicitors and accountants use Chern & Co for their company formations.

Authorised Trust and Company Service Provider (TCSP) by the Department of Justice, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Unit

Registered Company Formation Agent,
Electronic Filing Agent, Registered Office Address Provider with the CRO

A message from CEO

Managing Director

“In 2009, I founded Chern & Co with a purpose to make business accessible to likeminded individuals who wish to pursue entrepreneurship journey and help them grow. This mission continues to date.

We enjoy seeing our clients succeed and achieve amazing results.

Chern & Co focuses on these key areas:
– Customer Success
– Quality of Our Work
– Execution Efficiency
– Compliance

We welcome genuine businesses with good intentions.

Our clients range from various industries: e-commerce, software, retail, manufacturing, aviation, local tradesmen, financial services and many others.

We look forward to working with you!”

Customer Testimonials

See what our clients say:

Dennis Hoffmann

"Outstanding service!
Extremely professional, fast and friendly.
Would recommend them at any time!"

Max Malloy

"Outstanding service!
"Excellent service, very fast and responsible team, highly recommended! Registered my company just in few days with no problems"

Danil Sonin
Amazon Seller

"Great service. Recommending.
I met Alex at a conference.
I am fully satisfied with our cooperation"

Hichem North
Entrepreneur, Surfer

"This company is one of the best in the EU. They know what they are doing and they communicate with you effectively so that they understand your needs"

Getting Started

How to register your company in Ireland
in 4 simple steps

company name CHECK

We will check your company name if it can be registered. Don’t worry. If you name will not be accepted by CRO, we can help you to register a Business Name.


Select from popular packages or talk to one of our experts to create a custom package for your business needs. We offer Irish, UK and offshore jurisdictions.


We support many payment methods for your convenience: bank, debit or credit cards, PayPal, Revolut, Wise, even crypto. Once payment is done,
we will commence the process.


You will fill in a form and provide supporting documents. You can submit all details over the Internet. No need to come to Ireland or post anything. We accept electronics scans.

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What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register a company in Ireland?

A company is a legal entity separate and distinct from those who own or run it. In order to incorporate a company a Form A1 shall be filled in and submitted together with a Constitution to the Registrar of Companies with scanned signed originals. Anyone can register a company themselves. However, it is advised to use a professional to ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2014. Each company must have a director and a secretary, must carry business in the state and have a registered office address in Ireland.

How long does it take to form a company?

It takes just a few hours to fill in and prepare necessary company documents and forms. Once documents are submitted to the CRO, it usually takes 3-5 days to issue a company registration number. Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Companies Registration Office may process applications for up to 2 weeks.

Can I register a company online without a need to come in person? 🍀

Yes, there is no need to physically come to Ireland to set up a company. Certainly, you are more than welcome to visit the country. It’s beautiful! Forms are uploaded digitally using scanned pdf files of original signatures. Please note, CRO does not accept digital signatures done by typing a name or drawing a signature.

How many directors and secretaries an Irish company must have?

A company is a legal entity separate and distinct from those who own or run it. In order to incorporate a company a Form A1 shall be filled in and submitted together with a Constitution to the Registrar of Companies with scanned signed originals. Anyone can register a company themselves. However, it is advised to use a professional to ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2014. Each company must have a director and a secretary, must carry business in the state and have a registered office address in Ireland.

What is the difference between Limited Company (LTD) and Partnership?

Limited company is a separate entity from a legal person. Ltd companies are limited by shares. If business is liquidated, the company’s liabilities are treated separately to those of its shareholders and directors, in a way, protecting them from debt and financial losses of the business itself. Partnerships, on the other hand, have limited and unlimited partners who are treated as legal persons. Unlimited partners are responsible for all debt and liabilities accrued by the business.

How to close the company if I don't need it?

A company can be closed or wound up by a process called Voluntary Strike-Off. This is a quick and easy way to dissolve the company without any consequences for the founders and directors. Both trading and non-trading companies can be closed. The main criteria for eligibility would be no debts and no assets above €150. If this condition is not met, the company shall be liquidated or will be struck off the register by CRO by a process called Involuntary Strike Off with possibility of fine. Book in a free consultation to discuss winding up of your company.

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