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Tax Guide 2022:

VAT, Corporate Income Tax, and Personal Income 

Europe Tax Guide

Learn what are the current rates and key points of VAT, Corporate Income tax (CIT), and Personal Income-tax (PIT) systems in the EU and the UK.

Chern & Co analysed the data from 17 different valid sources across the taxation industry in order to find the most up-to-date information regarding EU and UK tax rates. 

In the Europe tax guide 2022, you will find:

  • Current rates of each mentioned in every EU-member state and the UK. 
  • The definition and purpose of each mentioned tax.
  • Key points every entrepreneur needs to learn about VAT, CIT and PIT.

As companies decide to grow and conquer new markets, their executives need to prepare to face new challenges and adjust to the conditions of the new business environment. 

Special attention should be paid to taxation rates. How much your business will need to give will directly affect your company’s financial welfare and influence the choice of a country to lead a business in. Each state sets its own tax rates to levy on businesses, their owners and employees. Understanding the taxation system of a country you are going to lead a business in will save you money and grant your company’s good face in the long run.

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