Payroll Services for Irish Ltd

600 excl. VAT

  1. Direct debit setup for payroll taxes in ROS
  2. Monthly/week payroll processing and emailing of payslips to each employee
  3. Monthly RPN submissions to Revenue
  4. Monthly tax payment authorisation via direct debit
  5. Monthly payroll reports
  6. Yearly payroll reports
  7. Monitoring employee annual leave entitlement
  8. Basic mileage calculation
  9. Timesheets sample / template

What is not included:

  • Employee contract
  • Employee handbook
  • Filling in of timesheets
  • Configuring BIK, pension payment
  • Complex mileage, travel and subsistence calculation


Irish Payroll Services Overview

Let’s start with an overview of the basics. Most yearly payroll services are interned-based. The mechanism is pretty simple. You apply for a third party agency like Chern & Co and they assist you with time, attendance, payment processing, taxes, and many more. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Well, if you need some more information, we can voluntarily dive into details. So let’s see how does yearly payroll service works, what are its advantages and why to opt for Irish payroll services by Chern & Co. 

How Payroll Services Work?

You install software that counts employees’ working hours. They need to clock in and clock out for their shift. At the end of the day, you review and confirm their hours worked. Then it’s time to make calculations, tax subtractions, and other withholdings and finally pay the employee. Payments are usually made via direct deposits but you can opt for other ways.

To get started, payroll service providers will typically require to receive the following information from a client company:

  • The number of employees working in a company
  • The frequency your employees get paid
  • Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) for all employees

This information is necessary to provide a client with the most accurate cost estimation, ensure correct tax credits are allocated, tailor the services according to your needs, and make payroll process as straightforward as possible. 

Why to Outsource Yearly Payroll Services

It’s no mystery that companies that outsource payroll services to a third-party provider for multiple great reasons. We’re going to overview the major of them.

Yield Results

With payroll can concentrate on their focal responsibilities instead of playing around with numbers. No need to spend time inputting employee information, calculating and distributing wages. Just focus your time on your superpower, things that directly relate to your core responsibilities.

Payroll Services Give You a Peace of Mind

Calculating wages can be a headache. Especially if all other deadlines are burning. A payroll service means you don’t have to worry about regulations and compliance. The out-house company have all in-depth experience and specialist knowledge. 

Switch to Money-Saving Mode

Sure we just can’t miss cost-efficiency. This is no wonder, that third-party Irish payroll service is an effective way to save company’s money. Training staff can be expensive so as buying the latest software. Instead of burning money (and truth be told precious time), you follow a more efficient model. 

Correct Tax Information Ensured

Saint automation and expert knowledge of payroll services providers enable correct tax information delivered to the Revenue. They properly calculate and deduct taxes for each paycheck. No hassle, no rush, and no problems with Revenue. 

So payroll services are a modern way of approaching wages management. This is a complex solution for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. The overall goal of payroll services is to guarantee that every employee gets an accurate wage regularly. 

What Is Included in Irish Payroll Services from Chern & Co

So as we said, yearly payroll is a complex solution called to streamline your payroll processing. The list of services included in the check by Chern & Co proves it. Here is what we offer. 

  • Direct debit setup for payroll taxes in ROS;
  • Monthly/week payroll processing and emailing of payslips to each employee;
  • Monthly RPN submissions to Revenue;
  • Monthly tax payment authorisation via direct debit;
  • Monthly payroll reports;
  • Yearly payroll reports;
  • Monitoring employee annual leave entitlement;
  • Basic mileage calculation;
  • Timesheets sample / template.

Added Customisation Level Additional Check

Depending on the needs of your company, we’ll select and implement an optimal customization level. So whenever you feel the need to go beyond frames, we’ll have you covered. Here is the typical list of extras that you can purchase as you opt for Payroll services from Chern & Co.

  • Employee contract (from 100 + 50 eur per each employee);
  • Employee handbook (from 150);
  • Filling in of timesheets;
  • Configuring BIK, pension payment (this is extra based on hours required);
  • Complex mileage, travel and subsistence calculation (this is extra based on hours required).

Discuss the opportunities with our managers!

Irish Payroll Delivery by Chern & Co

Finding a payroll service provider in Ireland with a transparent and reasonable pricing system is daunting task. Luckily, with Chern & Co, you don’t have to look no further! We are proud to be partnering with top-notch accounting software such as Brightpay and Sage. We know how to manage payroll quick and easy. Contact us and get free consultation about opportunities for yearly payroll for your business!


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