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Recently, Scottish partnership has been the most widely used business model. When it first appeared, it could certainly boast a number of undeniable advantages. However, time was flying, and the international legislation was changing. And it’s finally changed so dramatically, that today the Scottish model has virtually nothing to offer, but a zero tax rate. On top of that, Scotland has never been added to any official blacklists, and it’s surely a benefit… but do you really think it’s enough? Well, don’t.

There were times when Scottish partnerships were so ubiquitous that it finally made the business model a kind of slightly notorious thing. Nowadays, banks would tend to view a business like that as offshore — and that alone, you know, can turn a simple attempt to open an operating account into a death march. And if you’re a “quasi offshore” startup… say goodbye to your benevolent intentions, because there’s no one to catch you falling right down from the first step up your ladder.

However, there’s still a fabulous solution right around the corner.

Where do you find it? In Ireland, of course!

A trustworthy, reliable jurisdiction and a perfect place to start your immaculate business. Besides, in Ireland you’ll get even more tax benefits than the Great Britain could ever offer.

So, what’s the best thing about Ireland?

First of all, it’s a flexible income tax rate. For limited liability companies it’s as low as 12.5%, and being smart enough you can further bring it down to an amazing zero through adequate structuring.

Ireland is often referred to as the European Silicon Valley, and it is certainly for a reason. Ireland hosts the European headquarters of over 1,000 software and IT giants — Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Airbnb, just to name a few. Of course, the Irish partnership may be perfectly fitted to any other non-IT business model. Whatever your company profile, size and experience, Ireland is happy to welcome your business, but it’s particularly a startup that can make the most out of an Irish partnership.

And why is that? One of the lowest tax rates in Europe, an access to public funding, a vast ecosystem of business angels and venture capital investors, an overwhelming opportunity to work in the most favourable business landscape, surrounded by the renowned global leaders, and the last but not the least: a residence permit for you and your family — all this is far from being an exhaustive list of benefits that an Irish partnership can give you.

All you have to do is simply contact us, and our professional advisors will readily choose the most beneficial model for your business.

Are you interested? Contact Chern & Co team to learn more!

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