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Top 5 Things That are NOT True About Company Registration in Ireland

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Small island proud of lush greenery, charming redheads, and good beer. A place where people run great carnivals to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day and don’t mind an extra cup of tea in any situation. Quite an impressive set of characteristics we all believe are peculiar to the Irish population, isn’t it? 

Apart from some well-known cultural stereotypes, Ireland is covered with another sort of misconception. Many entrepreneurs who dream of Irish company formation give up this idea as they believe it to be unachievable. Are things really that complicated? Let’s see. We gathered the top 5 things everyone gets wrong about Irish company register.

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It’s all the Language Barrier

Who said that? Ireland is the only English-speaking member of the European Union. Yes, this is not the only official language and yes, Irish still remains in the minds and on the tongues of some locals. Nevertheless, English is highly prevalent with 99% of Irish residents preferring this language for daily use.
So if you think it is the Irish to blame for standing on your way towards a flourishing entrepreneurial empire, it is time to think again. No more excuses! Get armed with your charm, communication skills, a dictionary (why not? Noone judges), and go for it!

Impossible for Non-EEA Residents

It makes sense. You may ask “How do I open a company in Ireland if I’m not a resident of a European Economic Area?”. Some would say “only in your dreams” but our answer is “everything is possible”. You don’t necessarily need to live in EEA to run an Irish-based enterprise. What you need is to apply for a reliable company registration provider. Ireland is basking in the glory of being Europe’s top destination for starting a company. You can read more about the reasons here. Thus, the market counts plenty of agencies that assist foreigners in opening a business on the territory of the “Emerald Isle”.

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 A Company in Ireland is Only for Business in Ireland

Quite a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, not correct. Having an Irish-registered company is not about trading only in Ireland. The truth is, an Irish company erases the limits allowing you to reach customers in an entire Europe. This became possible thanks to the Single European market agreement of 1993. It brought down the barriers allowing people, goods, services, and capital to circulate free across 27 EU-member countries.

So, by setting up a company in Ireland, your goods can easily reach the сounters of Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, and so on. Any other doubts that an Irish enterprise is a great opportunity to expand your business horizons? If yes, read this paragraph once again.

The Cost of Irish Company Register is Skyrocketed

No, no, and once again no. However, we can understand the roots of this concern. First, it’s because Ireland is a member of the European Union. Opening a company there means opening a path to a vast European market. 

What is more, it is no secret that Ireland is home to the headquarters of Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, and many other household names. The sense of prestige in the air adds to the image of Ireland as a place of above-the-cloud costs. 

In fact, the cost of an Irish company set up depends on plenty of factors. The major of them are the third-party registration provider (if you apply for any) and location. Instead of opting for the most expensive variant, you can always search for affordable options with reasonable quality of services.

Dublin may be the first city (and truth be told, most money-burning) that crossed your mind. Settling down in Limerick, Cork, or Galway, however, will provide your company with an Irish presence without harming your pockets.

So one more myth is debunked. Starting a company in Ireland is not always equal to going broke.

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Taxes? I Will Never Handle It!

You will don’t even doubt. At a certain point, Ireland is tax heaven with the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe. Yes, you get it right! Alongside, the Republic can brag about one of the most business-friendly environments in Europe if not the whole world. 

You will easily manage Irish company register and all the local taxes, especially with the help of a professional accountant or an expert third-party agency like Chern & Co

Our company is one of the most prominent players in the field with more than 12-year expertise. Contact our managers to learn how we can assist you in bringing your Irish business dream to reality!

Final Thoughts on Irish Company Register

On a concluding note, new company registration Ireland is surrounded by misconceptions. It seems like entrepreneurs just can’t believe that Irish business formation can be such a hassle-free process. We debunked some of the most popular myths about company registration in Ireland to help you gain more confidence about starting a business there.

After all, it all comes to a reliable Irish company registration provider that will have your back in handling all the legal matters. Contact us now to get a free private consultation from our company registration manager.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is for acquainting purposes only and is subject to change. It does not constitute any professional advice. No liability is accepted by Chern & Co for any actions taken or not taken in reliance on the information set out in this article. Professional, legal or tax advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action

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