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Company Dissolution

Business owners may need to close their companies temporarily or permanently. However, there are limited options available for this situation. While there is plenty of advice on registering a limited company in Google search results, understanding the process of closing it requires more time. To learn about the duration and cost involved in company closure, you can explore the services provided by Chern & Co.


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Company dissolution is the formal process of closing down a company’s operations, settling its debts, and officially removing its existence from the company registry. The process involves ceasing all business activities, paying off liabilities, distributing any remaining assets, and filing the necessary documents with the Companies Registration Office (CRO).

Involuntary strike-off occurs when the Companies Registration Office (CRO) removes a company from the register due to non-compliance with statutory obligations, such as failing to file annual returns or financial statements. This action is taken without the company’s initiation and can lead to the company’s assets becoming the property of the state if not restored or wound up properly.

To restore a dissolved company in Ireland, you must apply to the High Court or, in some cases, directly to the CRO, depending on how long the company has been dissolved. The application must demonstrate a good reason for restoration, such as to recover assets or continue business. If successful, the company is deemed to have continued in existence as if it had not been dissolved.

Company dissolution itself does not automatically result in the disqualification of company directors. However, directors could face disqualification under certain circumstances related to the dissolution, such as if they were found to have engaged in fraudulent or dishonest conduct leading to the company’s failure.

The time it takes to dissolve a company in Ireland can vary. A voluntary dissolution, where all debts are paid, and proper procedures are followed, might take a few months. An involuntary dissolution, such as through a strike-off for non-compliance, might occur more quickly but with additional consequences and less control over the timing.

Business name termination involves formally ceasing the use of a registered business name and removing it from the Register of Business Names held by the CRO. This is necessary when a sole trader, partnership, or company decides to stop trading under a particular business name or if the business is closing down. It requires notifying the CRO and completing the relevant termination forms.

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