About page

Our Mission

RegisterCompany.ie was set up in 2009 to help local and international customers to incorporate and register their businesses in Ireland. Our goal is to make the process of registering and running a company as easy and transparent as possible while maintaining a sterling quality. We take care of everything from a registry and accountancy point of view which allows you to focus on what’s important, your company. We are constantly improving our quality and that continues in 2017 when we earned the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certificate, making us the only business registration company with this certificate. In the last 8 years, we have gone from a small local business to a nationwide company with 3 office locations across Ireland. We can register companies for both local and foreign business owners.


Our Services

RegisterCompany.ie can help you register any type of company including Limited Company, Limited Partnership and a Self-Employed business. We also provide Package Offers for our customers in order to make the registration process as simple as possible. This also ensures that you only get the services you require. Since 2015 we have partnered with other company registration providers in order to provide you with offshore company registration. For more information, check out our Services page (link) or contact us at (email link)


Our Team

In 2009, our Managing Director Alex Chernenko, tried to register a company in his name. After completing the registration process and talking to others Alex realized that there was a need in the market for company registration made easy. This is how RegisterCompany came to be. After gaining firsthand experience in the industry, Alex learned how to streamline the registration process. He then took these techniques and applied them to his company in order to make it both simple and transparent for our customers when registering for a company.