Your Guide to Resolving Name Matching Issues in CRO Filings

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Filing forms like B1, A1, B10, or B69 with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) could sometimes return an automated error message: “One or more PPSNs/IPNs were invalid, or names or dates of birth did not match.” This error is typically due to discrepancies in one or more director’s details across various databases. This post aims to elucidate the common scenarios behind these discrepancies and provides step-by-step solutions to rectify the name matching issues in CRO filings.

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Understanding the Cause

The error message is predominantly triggered when there’s a mismatch on one or more of the following four pieces of information concerning a director:

  • RBO Profile First Name
  • RBO Profile Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • RBO Number

The RBO operates on a close matching model. When a name previously registered on a BEN2 (Form BEN2 – Declaration as to Verification of Identity)  is slightly altered on an RBO form, the RBO replaces the original name with the altered one. The identity match on CORE, requiring exact name matching, will continue to fail until the name on the Companies Registration Office (CRO) database aligns with the current RBO name.

How to Resolve Name Matching Issues

Typical solutions in resolving data matching issues include

Updating RBO Main Form: Re-file the RBO Main Form and update the name to match the CRO name exactly.

Date of Birth: Ensure the date of birth on the relevant CORE filing matches exactly with the data from the Registered BEN2.

RBO Number: Retrieve the RBO Number from your inbox on your RBO account if you are the same presenter of the form BEN2.

PRO TIP: Ensure the First Name and Last Name fields on both the RBO and CRO databases show the same parts of the name in the correct order.

Correct RBO Name Appears Differently on CRO

If the RBO Name was correct but appears differently on the CRO record, issuing a B10 to change each component of the Full Name is a typical remedy.

If challenges persist in aligning the name fields independently via CORE, contact Chern & Co experts for assistance submitting a new application to correctly arrange the names.

Practical Example:

Suppose the CRO record displays the name as Jack O’Sullivan, but was entered incorrectly on a Form A1 as follows:

First NameLast Name
Illustration of a name entered incorrectly

To diagnose whether the presentation of the name’s component parts on the RBO portal is to blame for the mismatch, you could examine the Company Details on the RBO Portal and review how the name appears if you were to hypothetically update the beneficial owner.

To Summarise

Ensuring that director’s information matches across different databases is crucial to smooth RBO filings. When faced with name matching issues, following the above steps will help rectify the discrepancies and enable successful form submissions. For further assistance, the dedicated support at is always available to provide the necessary guidance in resolving these common yet critical challenges in RBO form submissions.

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