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What is the EORI Number and Why You Should Obtain One

The history of the EORI started on July 1, 2009, when the European Parlament introduced the new requirement in regulation No 2913/92. The purpose of the EORI is quite simple and aims at regulating the economic operators and entrepreneurs throughout the European Union and Ireland. The EORI number is required for any business engaged in the transit of goods within the EU and beyond. Today, we will take a closer look at some important points of EORI in Ireland, and make sure that after finishing this article, you will understand why and HOW to register EORI in Ireland. 

What is EORI in Ireland

EORI, or Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification, is a system established in the European Union to identify economic operators involved in trading activity. EORI ensures the assignment of an individual number that facilitates the communication process between the entrepreneur and custom enterprises on the territory of the European Union. Therefore, it’s crucial for running дegal business operations in Ireland. 

EORI Number vs VAT Number

Both EORI and VAT numbers are essential for your successful business activity. However, in most cases, entrepreneurs continue to confuse them. So what is the difference between those two? VAT relates to the entrepreneur or legal entity and VAT registration is crucial for tax compliance. It helps the tax authorities to track your business activity and is necessary for running a business in the EU. EORi number, on the other hand, doesn’t relate to the tax regulations and is required specifically for trading operations. 

Do You Need an Irish EORI Number in Ireland?

Technically, any individual or legal entity, engaged in an activity that involves moving goods or products within or outside the European Union, will require the EORI number. Therefore, if your business includes manufacturing and distribution, transportation, or logistics, you must obtain the EORI number to run your business legally.  

How to Register EORI in Ireland?

So what is the procedure for obtaining the EORI number in Ireland? Fortunately, the whole procedure is devoid of unnecessary bureaucracy and can be completed without any difficulties with the help of the EORI official guide. In the following section, we will analyse the most important points from the registration procedure.

Step 1: Gather Required Information

First of all, it’s necessary to gather the required information. To apply for the EORI number you will have to provide your Personal Public Service (PPS) Number and all the details about your company, such as the company’s type, status, nature of your activity, financial information, etc. Afterward include the actual information about your registration and the company’s residence, accompanied by a detailed description of your business activity. 

Step 2: Online Application via ROS

Once the necessary information is prepared and collected, the application should be submitted via the Irish Revenue Online Service (ROS). To submit your application for the EORI number, log into the ROS platform and navigate to the “eCustoms” section. There, you will be able to select “EORI Registration”. Afterward, you will be redirected to the special form that has to be filled in with the necessary details regarding your venture. Double-check the entered information because if you data is incorrect, your application can be rejected. Once the information is provided, you will receive a confirmation about successful registration. 

Confirmation and Notification

If you have provided the correct data and submitted the application properly, the EORI number will be sent to the email address specified during the registration. Typically, this process doesn’t require a lot of time. However, the final process length can vary in each case. 

EORI for Non-EU Traders in Ireland

Non-residents of the European Union are not exempt from the need to obtain the EORI number, even though they might face certain challenges during the receiving procedure. However, the non-EU company gets the opportunity to register for the EORI number where the specific custom procedure is required for your particular case. For instance, if your enterprise lodges a custom declaration in the Irish Republic, you obtain a legal right to submit your EORI declaration there. The same approach applies when your company requests the AEO status, as well as exit and entry declarations summary. 


EORI number is a crucial component essential for running a successful legal business inside Ireland and within the territory of the European Union. However, despite that, many entrepreneurs may face challenges in obtaining the EORI number quickly and painlessly. That’s why if you want to receive reliable legal assistance, reach out to Chern & Co experts, and we will help you get your EORI number successfully.

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