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How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Company in Ireland

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Whenever you’re opting for company formation in Ireland, it’s never free. Some fees lie on the surface while others will meet you in the middle of the way making overthink the budget. 

Needless to say, registering a company in Ireland requires throughout planning, especially when it comes to expenses. After all, in the long run very few things will be more important for the welfare of your business.  We’re going to overview key factors that impact the cost of registering a new company in Ireland to help you get prepared for all kinds of expenses. We will help you understand where you can save money and where it’s better to showcase generosity.

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The Company Formation Agency You Choose

First and foremost, you need someone to guide you through the Irish company registration process. Someone whose expert knowledge will serve as a backbone for business setup in Ireland. Of course, we mean a company formation agency like Chern & Co

Chern & Co helps local and international customers to incorporate and register their businesses in Ireland, UK and offshore jurisdictions. We provide registration, guidance, consultancy, filing and bookkeeping services to ensure customer satisfaction. When it comes to starting a European business, Ireland is a titbit. Thus, the market of Irish company formation agencies is highly competitive. Different providers charge different prices for their services. Conduct small research to figure out providers with the rates that fit your budget the most.

Your Expectations

A logical continuation of the previous paragraph. It all comes down to how much you expect to get from a third-party provider. You’ll surely be offered a fair number of packages for different budgets. So how to know which one to choose?

Before picking a package, analyse carefully what you really need to start a company in Ireland. In the end, the package cost is very likely to cover all the expenses of company registration in Ireland. 

What you’ll need for sure to start a company in Ireland is a business address, pliers seal, company director and a secretary. Make sure the package you purchase contains all these services.

Location Always Matters

As a reputable business entity, you need to have a physical office premise. Yes, the office as a working environment is not as essential as it used to be (shout-out to the Covid-19 pandemic). The need for physical premises address that will be listed in all official sources and documentation, however, still can’t be argued.  The location you choose always defines the final cost of registering a new company in Ireland mainly due to the rental cost landlords charge. So, is now the right time to become a savvy one? Yep! How? Don’t opt for Dublin straightaway, no matter how much prestige this city radiates. The Irish Times, for instance, reported Galway to be “the most efficient” city in Ireland to start a business in. You can also choose Cork and Limerick as affordable and convenient business locations.

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The Origin of Your Employees

Tell me where your workforce comes from, and I’ll tell you your budget. A hilarious statement but so strongly related to every employer. The cost of registering a new company in Ireland is not only about your residenship or the location of your office, but also about the workforce, you hire. So, what does it mean? Patience, we won’t leave you without an answer.

Ireland is a progressive European country with an open-minded educated and young workforce who seeks to comply with the pace of the city. If you hire them, you have no other choice than to pay a substantial competitive wage. 

However, your staff doesn’t have to consist of only Irish professionals. You can follow the outstaffing model and hire remote employees from Eastern Europe or Latin America. This is how you are able to reduce the costs without compromising the quality of work.

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Post-Formation Support

Once your company is set up and the question “how much does it cost to register a company in Ireland” worries you less, let us remind you of one more thing. There are costs involved in maintaining compliance with CRO and the Revenue or taking your business to a new level.  If you’re not a finance guru or have no interest in dealing with financial institutions on your own, you’ll need an accountant or administrative services. Keep in mind that this can take additional cost.

Summing up – a Reliable Company Formation Agent Chern & Co

Cash flow is what makes every entrepreneur shiver. There’s never been a better way to predict the money flow of your business than accurate budget planning and knowing when it’s better to save and where not to spare money. The company set up in Ireland is not an exception. We have illustrated the top aspects that have an impact on the Irish company formation cost to help you be more efficient and profitable in the long run. 

Chern & Co agency offers affordable packages and services for company formation in Ireland for clients on any budget. We provide basic sufficient packages as well as some exclusive offers for clients ready to invest more. Contact our managers for a free consultation! We will help you pick the best package to suit your Irish company register needs.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is for acquainting purposes only and is subject to change. It does not constitute any professional advice. No liability is accepted by Chern & Co for any actions taken or not taken in reliance on the information set out in this article. Professional, legal or tax advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action

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