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Amazon Seller Account Registration

We understand that starting a business can be challenging. Our fees are affordable and come with excellent customer service.


There’s hardly a person who has never heard of Amazon. A large eCommerce platform, a place where small businesses and large corporations go to grow profits. For some, this is one and only trading place while for others Amazon brings only a part of their income. No matter to what category you relate yourself to, the first step to be made to start an Amazon venture is to get registered. We understand that sometimes things get challenging and so offer assistance with Amazon Seller account registration.

What is Amazon Seller Account Registration 

Amazon seller account registration is the process of enlisting your company into Amazon’s database of sellers. To complete the registration, you need to submit the information asked on the website.
Upon registration, you will have to choose between a “professional” and “individual” seller plan. How to choose what plan you need? Opt for an “individual” if you’re going to sell less than 40 items per month. Remember that by choosing this option, you won’t be able to advertise your goods on Amazon.

Those whose sales will beat the “40-items” limit, can opt for the “Professional” plan with no second thoughts.

Reasons to Apply for Assistance with Amazon Seller Account Registration by Chern & Co

It is affordable: we offer a budget-friendly option of assisting in Amazon seller account registration. This is one of the most reasonable offers on the market and an excellent option in terms of the price-quality ratio. We will assist you with the amazon seller account opening for €600.
It will get you rid of the hassle: we are perfectly aware of all the legal requirements of registering an Amazon seller account. Rest assured you will not have to worry about anything.
It is fast: our expertise and commitment allow us to deliver the company closure service within the fastest terms.

How We Deliver the Service

At Chern & Co we believe that Amazon seller account registration does not need to be a burden. Check out the procedure we follow to assist you in smooth Amazon seller account registration.

  1. You leave an application and our managers contact you ASAP.
  2. We clarify the details and prepare an invoice for payment. You can pay in any convenient way.
  3. You fill out the documents and send scans electronically.
  4. Registration is in progress. We handle all the legal processes in a tight cooperation with you.
  5. When the registration is completed, you can proceed to your account verification right away!

To trade on Amazon, it is not enough to register your seller account. The Amazon team strives to make a marketplace a safe environment. Therefore, every seller needs to undergo the account verification procedure. Luckily, alongside the assistance in Amazon seller account registration, we offer help in verifying your account. 

Amazon Seller Account Registration Service by Chern & Co

For over 12 years, Chern & Co has been providing customers with superb assistance in managing their companies in Ireland. We will help you start your business route and supervise you as you decide to grow. Our strong customer support and dedication to your goals will ensure your positive experience with Chern & Co. Wait no longer to make it sure on your own!

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us. We believe in a client-oriented approach and so our managers are open to inquiries. We will help you select the best service for your business absolutely free of charge.

Disclaimer: The content of this page is for acquainting purposes only and is subject to change. It does not constitute any professional advice. No liability is accepted by Chern & Co for any actions taken or not taken in reliance on the information set out in this article. Professional, legal or tax advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action.

Amazon Seller Account Registration

What’s Included:

  • Support for Amazon account registration and verification
  • Covering setup
  • Documentation and verification processes

What You Need To Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up a company in Ireland carries plenty of benefits. These are the smooth process of annual returns submission, low Ireland corporate tax rate (lowest in the EU), official documentation in English, access to the European market, the brilliant reputation of Ireland as a business-friendly country, availability of progressive and educated workforce.

It takes just a few hours to fill in and prepare necessary company documents and forms. Once documents are submitted to the CRO, it usually takes 3-5 days to issue a company registration number. Due to the impact of Covid-19, the Companies Registration Office may process applications for up to 2 weeks.

Yes, there is no need to physically come to Ireland to set up a company. Certainly, you are more than welcome to visit the country. It’s beautiful! Forms are uploaded digitally using scanned pdf files of original signatures. Please note, CRO does not accept digital signatures done by typing a name or drawing a signature.

A company is a legal entity separate and distinct from those who own or run it. In order to incorporate a company a Form A1 shall be filled in and submitted together with a Constitution to the Registrar of Companies with scanned signed originals. Anyone can register a company themselves. However, it is advised to use a professional to ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2014. Each company must have a director and a secretary, must carry business in the state and have a registered office address in Ireland.

Limited company is a separate entity from a legal person. Ltd companies are limited by shares. If business is liquidated, the company’s liabilities are treated separately to those of its shareholders and directors, in a way, protecting them from debt and financial losses of the business itself. Partnerships, on the other hand, have limited and unlimited partners who are treated as legal persons. Unlimited partners are responsible for all debt and liabilities accrued by the business.

A company can be closed or wound up by a process called Voluntary Strike-Off. This is a quick and easy way to dissolve the company without any consequences for the founders and directors. Both trading and non-trading companies can be closed. The main criteria for eligibility would be no debts and no assets above €150. If this condition is not met, the company shall be liquidated or will be struck off the register by CRO by a process called Involuntary Strike Off with possibility of fine. Book in a free consultation to discuss winding up of your company.

LTD Companies and Partnerships For Overseas Residents

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Chern & Co team offers Registered Office Address, Business Address, Company Secretary, Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder and other professional services to international customers who need to set up a branch or present in the European Union.


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