Non-EEA Resident Director Bond

2000 excl. VAT


Company registration in Ireland requires a company director and secretary who are residents of the European Economic Area. However, we understand the unwillingness of some business owners to enlighten third parties into the internal processes of their company. For this reason, we offer a section 137 Non-EEA Resident Director Bond Service. For everyone willing to operate legally on the territory of Ireland without the need for nominee services, this is a must-read.

What is a Section 137 Non-EEA Resident Director Bond Service

Section 137 Non-EEA Resident Director Bond Service is an alternative way to set up a company in Ireland for entrepreneurs who do not want to opt for nominee director service. You can start an Irish company even if none of the directors is a resident of the European Economic area. To keep it short and simple, instead of assigning a nominee director, you purchase an insurance bond that needs to be renewed every 2 years.
At Chern & Co, we want you to know what you are opting for. Keep in mind that section 137 bond service, however, is associated with certain risks. Many Irish banks and other financial institutions may refuse to open an account if the only director is not an EEA resident. 

Who Needs Section 137 Bond

It is pretty straightforward that this service is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to bypass the hassle of nominee and get straight to the point.
Even though assigning a nominee is a preferred option for our clients, there are several cases when you should give preference to Section 137 Non-EEA Resident Director Bond Service.

  • You do not feel safe about enlightening third parties about the matters of your company;
  • You do not want to enlighted third parties in the matters of your company;

Please, notice we do not provide this service to the members of the Russian Federation, Belarus, and other countries that are under sanctions at the moment of application to the service. 

How We Deliver the Service

At Chern & Co, we believe in a fast and unproblematic service delivery process. Thus, check out a few super easy steps we make to get Resident Director Bond Service delivered!

  1. You leave an application and our managers contact you ASAP.
  2. We clarify the details and prepare an invoice for payment. You can pay in any convenient way.
  3. You fill out the documents and send scans electronically.
  4. Service is in progress. We handle all the legal processes in tight cooperation with you.
  5. Done! Your company can proceed to operation right away!

Our streamlined process and a strong commitment to your satisfaction help us open a section 137 non-EEA resident director bond for you within 2 weeks. Please notice that things sometimes may take longer depending on each case separately. Our managers will do their best to assist you in handling the process in the most time-efficient way.

Resident Director Bond Service by Chern & Co

For over 12 years, Chern & Co has been providing customers with superb assistance in managing their companies in Ireland. We will help you start your business route and supervise you as you decide to grow. Our strong customer support and dedication to your goals will ensure your positive experience with Chern & Co. Wait no longer to make it sure on your own!

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us. We believe in a client-oriented approach and so our managers are open to inquiries. We will help you select the best service for your business absolutely free of charge.

Disclaimer: the content of this page is for acquainting purposes only and is subject to change. It does not constitute any professional advice. No liability is accepted by Chern & Co for any actions taken or not taken in reliance on the information set out in this article. Professional, legal or tax advice should be obtained before taking or refraining from any action.

Non-EEA Resident Director Bond

2000 excl. VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Concerns

Why to Register a Company in Ireland?

Setting up a company in Ireland carries plenty of benefits. These are the smooth process of annual returns submission, low Ireland corporate tax rate (lowest in the EU), official documentation in English, access to the European market, the brilliant reputation of Ireland as a business-friendly country, availability of progressive and educated workforce.

Is it Dangerous to Assign a Nominal Director?

Yes, from the moment of the first trademark submission, it’s valid for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely.

Can I Promote Goods and Services Under an Unregistered Trademark?

Yes, according to law, it is not mandatory to register a trademark. You can operate under an unregistered mark but in that case it would be more difficult and expensive to protect your rights for the mark in a court.

Can I Change the Specialization of My Company?

Yes, it is possible to change the specialization of your company en-route.

Can I Trade on Amazon with an Irish-registered Company?

Yes, we offer business-friendly packages for those who want to trade on Amazon for both European and US customers. We also help to pass the verification process on the marketplace.

Can I Close a Company?

Yes, this option is also possible, and we do provide this kind of service. In perfect circumstances, it takes around a month to close your company. A legal requirement is not to have large unpaid loans. 

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